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Bryan County LTTS Customers

Posted Date: 05/19/2022

Bryan County LTTS Customers

Bryan County LTTS customers, welcome to the Hoffman Sanitation Family, we are proud to have you as a customer.  Our commitment is to continue to provide excellent service as was provided by LTTS.  Some things to remember –

  • LTTS will continue to pick up your containers until June 6, 2022.  At this point Hoffman Sanitation will start picking up your containers
  • You will pay LTTS for all service prior to June 1st 2022.  All billing after June 1st will come from Hoffman and shall be remitted to Hoffman Sanitation
  • Your containers will not change, we will be placing Hoffman stickers on your containers in the near future.
  • Your trash day may change, as we enter your address into our routes we will come up with your trash day. We will contact you with the contact information on file to let you know your day.
  • Containers need to be set out by road by 6am or the night before
  • You will keep your current pricing until Jan 2023 at the earliest
  • Three ways you can receive your invoice
    • Mail
    • Email
    • Do not receive due to autopay
  • We have several ways that you can pay
    • Mail Check or money order
    • Pay in person at office
    • Call in to pay by phone
    • Auto pay (credit/debit card or ACH) ACH requires form to be filled out
    • Pay from emailed invoice with one click
    • Pay on website (
  • Payments are due by the 10th of the service month.  All accounts that are unpaid by the next billing will be placed in suspension until paid.  You may or may not receive a call/email prior to being suspended for payment.  (we will not access late charges until 60+ days overdue)
  • Our holiday schedule is only Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  If these fall during the week, they will be picked up on either the Saturday before or Saturday after. 


Again, we look forward to serving you.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to call 580-924-1781 or email



Stewart Hoffman