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Payment Due Dates - Original Post July 2021

Posted Date: 04/01/2022

Payment Due Dates - Original Post July 2021

We value each and every customer and want to provide the absolute best service you can expect.  With this in mind and with the current market and rising fuel prices please see the notice below that was posted mid 2021 and is just as important now. 

All trash invoices are due by the 10th of the month.  If not paid by the 10th of the month the customer is at risk of suspension of trash service until paid.  Only exemptions to this are customers who have automatic payments set up for later than the 10th of the month.  (Note – automatic payments set for dates past the 15th of the month are set for the NEXT MONTHS invoice).  All other invoices are due by the 10th.  We will suspend trash accounts when billing for the next month is being done.  If you would like to pay more than 1 month at a time this is fine however they must be paid in ADVANCE.  Paying 2 months behind is no longer allowed.  If your account is suspended for non payment, it will not be picked up until the next scheduled trash day AFTER your payment.  We understand that sometimes we forget or make a mistake and we are here for you.  Remember you can always sign up for auto pay.  We will suspend your account and skip your stop for 3 weeks.  After 3 weeks if we are unable to get ahold of you or you haven’t called in to make your payment, you container will be picked up.  At this point you will have to pay a redelivery fee of $25 minimum (based on container) to be redelievered as well as pay all past due amounts.  

Again, thank each of you for your business.  We appreciate you more than you can ever know, this includes the 26 families that receive a check from our company.  Without you they could be unemployed. 

Hoffman Sanitation.